Garment accessories Multicolor sequins DIY beauty accessories approx:6mm,40gram/pack

shiny green shoes, sewing dress wedding

Halloween Sequin

Wholesale china clothes. 1 box/lot(approx 1000pcs). Wholesale sequin top pink. 4mm flower. Wholesale stainless steel wire ring key. Spoon lure. Aetrends. 500pcs bags. Laser green. Spandex fabric. 

Wholesale Flower Red Bottomes Shoes

200tc. Multi ption. Affairs. 10mm with side holeSingle layer: Jewel makers. Christmas sequins. Champagne. Multi mixed colors. 5inch. Sea fishing, boat fishing, rock fishing, ice fishing. Cp0851. Wholesale  blouse. Peach paper. 8mm bk ab rose. Mermaid dress. Gold/silver/matte white/ab transparent 4 colors. 

Double Sequin

Sequin 2 mm. 10mm ab transparent. 4boxs/lot,1box/color. 12mm flower ab black. 24010008(4d20g). Laser green. 6-9mm. Non-distortion,abrasion resistance,eco-friendly. Metallic pearls. Cp1423. Rabbit bag white. Round cup. Round flat. 

Wholesale Robe Femmes

6mm cup plum ab black. Laser green color. Jumpsuits evening. Matting white. Wedding decoration violet. Bag clips metal special30mm transparent pvc. 26x14 cm approx.. Garment,  wedding,  party, event supplies, sewing appliques, etc. Georges with beads. 3d handmade,eco-friendly. 

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