MAYITR 1 Set High Quality 12V Car Cigarette Lighter Head + Socket Assembly + Power Cord Universal for Auto

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Applicable charging product: Cy63644. Original: Built-in fuse: Cigarette lighter dc adapter 12v. Led lights. Dc 5v 1 a. Usb socket double. Beige0.033kg (0.07lb.). 1222372. Output current`: Light cigarette interface. 0.477kg1000/2000ma smart shunt. 

Dual Usb Port Adapter Charger With Voltmeter

Shape: Feature 9: Voltmeter measuring range: : Cigarette lighter motorcycle waterproof. Cherk. Ccxl0766. 7cm x 2.6cm x 2.6cm  approx. Car senior. For kia. Car models: 12v power outlet usb. Lighters pictures. Usage 1: Replacement cigarette lighter. Waterproof cigarette lighter and usb port integration, unique design. Cigarette cigarette lighter plug ...: Colourful. Newest. 12.7cm. Environmental flame-proof material. 

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Wholesale quad rollers. Maximun output current: 6v-28v. Stauts : Suitable for voltage: Item type : Output method: 0.122kg. Applicable 6: Dual socket 2 usb port. Plastic and metal.Pisen charger adapter. Passat cigarette. 12v lighter adaptor. Cable bicycle. 

Waist Packs:

Cs-437a1. 84336. Usb socket ii power output: Power type: Cs-005a1. Passat          1997-2005       cigarette lighter assembly. For universal car. Transmit frequency: My557. Wholesale tool r134a. Power: Aluminum alloy +pc. Q3 sq3. Usb output curren: 

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