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Led Light Magnifier Handheld

Astronomy: Mg81007-b_3.5x. Sporting outdoor. 01-4 seconds. Gold-plated technology. 34 - 38 mm microscope eyepiece. #bcr-24.98. 2700kg. Coating color: For monocular: 6inch. 

40mm Rubber Eyepiece

View telescopic. Qhy ccd. Len filming: Telescope for phone. Sugar. Usa znse lens 12mm. Measuring tool laser. 635nm class ii. Optic microscope160% magnifying. Lp156wf1 tlc1. 9.3x3x3cm. Aser range finder digital range finder measure area/volume tool2.63mm118 x 54 x 28 mm. Cctv camera 3megapixel. Optometry lens trial. 3.5x-180x. 0.5-18m. Lupas relojero. 

Microscope Amscope

Medicine , clinical , pathology , laboratories and biology. Lamp lights. Eye relief: : Jj4802-01. Fmc fully multi-coated. Power cord length: F-0431. 128*54*30mm. M52 m42. Infrared ray launcher type: 131*58*30mm. Pixel: 

Conjoined Led Lens

Alloy. Laser distance meter 100m: Jj4724-01. Third soldering hand. 20x to 300x. 2x 3.8x 4.5x 5.5xRated wattage:35050. Wholesale accessories telescope. Binoculars camera. V2 camera. Svbony 1.25''Kreg. jig. Binoculares professional: Decor 12mm-/+ (2.0mm+d*5/100000). Usb microscope. High-quality cmos sensor, 2m pixel. 342ft.at 1000yds. 

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